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We have a choice today not to eat a sentient turkey

We have a choice today not to eat a sentient turkey

Turkey mom photo turkey-mom.jpg

Wild mother turkey protecting her young

 photo 18863aaa-2bea-46d6-af96-b18329e58c4a.jpg

Turkey eggs from breeder farms are collected and sent to hatcheries where they are incubated in temperature-controlled rooms. In the United States more than 250 million turkeys are slaughter every year for human consumption, and as you will see in the following photos, many more die before they ever reach their slaughter age of 6 months.

 photo 8d72655d-b712-4fb4-b296-0a1736bb86f4.jpg

After a few weeks, eggs are transferred into metal trays where chicks will hatch. Those who hatch early are sometimes left for up to three days.

 photo 79bc9935-bc3f-438f-895d-ef9d5d65ba53.jpg

Some chicks are manually removed from the trays and dumped into plastic containers. There is no gentleness or compassion here! Newly hatched turkey chicks, like these are simply dropped into the tray three feet below. To us, such an act seems to express deliberate and sadistic cruelty.

 photo a4f8b405-53f0-427e-a55a-aec76ba7bdd8.jpg

The rest of the chicks are kept in the trays and carted off to a machine where they will be mechanically sorted from the cracked egg shells.

 photo c063369a-e991-4a89-9529-51d731b62749.jpg

Hundreds of thousands of chicks are hatched in this facility each week.

 photo 8b617a8d-5fa2-4da2-a1a0-9cc44baf188e.jpg

Overall, more than 252 million turkeys are raised for food in the U.S. each year.

Turkey Hatchery - Sorting

 photo 635e6026-213f-40d8-ab36-942852400e35.jpg

The trays are then turned upside down, and the chicks fall onto the moving sorter.

 photo f19e5456-5201-4707-824c-ffd60dadd67e.jpg

The machine separates chicks to one side and cracked egg shells are dumped in a disposal bin. If someone had deliberately set out to design a machine to torment and torture the living feeling souls, they could not have built a better machine.

 photo 4c5b5852-2289-468d-a300-3a2f9e7c74cd.jpg

Some chicks are mis-sorted and end up being dumped in the disposal bin along with the egg shells. There certainly doesn't seem to be any concern for the welfare of these turkey chicks. They are not even considered to be living beings; to them they are nothing by "production units" to be dealt with anyway they have to in order to make the most money.

 photo 14196b85-b854-4825-b120-f46b1554bf95.jpg

Other chicks are tossed from the trays during processing.

 photo 61a07658-3b27-4c84-b16d-266751edba8a.jpg

Some chicks get caught in the equipment.

 photo 20248170-a0fb-4e0e-97d1-185f41830213.jpg

Many chicks become mangled from the machinery, and die an agonizing death.

 photo 872de843-c4e9-44ff-91a2-1557d868a8f0.jpg

Our investigator thought this mangled bird was dead before realizing he was still breathing. The horrors of animal agriculture go on and on! And, everyone who buys their products contributes to the suffering.

 photo b944b81d-45f0-40b7-943e-eb810510545e.jpg

Injured chicks are often left suffering for hours, and many die from their wounds.

Some chicks get stuck in the machinery.

 photo 2da0fb49-73e8-4980-8b5e-e33b8326b56d.jpg

Other chicks are processed in the sorter before fully hatching from their shells.

 photo 598e1d26-4af7-45ff-a081-1d0d49faea03.jpg

These chicks are known in the industry as "hatch debris."

Turkey Hatchery Mutilations

 photo cba53112-beca-48d3-a95f-5e74e47bd8a4.jpg

Some chicks have their snoods ripped off their heads.

 photo 1a51836a-0ab3-449c-abf4-714a8cb06282.jpg

Chicks' rear toes are sometimes cut off with scissors.

 photo 70c4db75-5ace-4dd3-baf6-deeb75845584.jpg

This is generally done to minimize damage caused by stress-induced aggression while on the farm. Humans cause the problem, but blame the turkeys in an effort to try to excuse the mutilations and excruciating pain they cause these babies.

 photo f62e84a0-60c6-4f35-8ade-909c79413a8d.jpg

Chicks are roughly handled and tossed around during this process.

 photo d850140a-c6d7-4ec4-8d16-ba79b3edb718.jpg

Chicks are also hung upside down and the tips of their front three toes are exposed to microwave radiation, killing the tissue. In essence, they are cooking the chick's toes while they are fully conscious.

 photo f62dc6bd-8234-4f11-a484-10a29c601df9.jpg

After exposure, their toes turn white and the tips will eventually shrivel up and fall off.

 photo 88138d02-6ab4-40fb-b7fc-8d645fb6ff0e.jpg

Chicks are also hung by their heads and the tips of their beaks are exposed to high intensity infrared light.

 photo f2ad9144-6153-40e9-9f07-32747282990a.jpg

Chicks are generally debeaked to minimize damage caused by stress-induced pecking while on the farm. Again, the turkeys are blamed for human cruelty.

 photo 46ef680f-58aa-4908-8bfc-b40d4bcfeeaa.jpg

While hanging, they are spun around the machine and will be dumped into containers below. If you wonder why we are vegans, these photos should help answer the question.We refuse to put our money in the pockets of the industries that cause these atrocities.

Turkey Hatchery Disposal

 photo 07492cdb-021b-4352-83d7-9e626ad5b13d.jpg

After birds are sorted from the shells, some are placed inside plastic bags to be later sent for testing. And remember that these are living, breathing, and feeling beings.

 photo ec0d2da7-fcfb-4c31-8e9a-82a016a584b6.jpg

With live birds inside, the bag is tied closed. They do this with full knowledge that these living chicks will slowly suffocate to death.

 photo 2b205e1a-d012-44eb-9668-c3b6f27e850c.jpg

Several bags of birds are collected each day chicks are hatched.

 photo 1f53addc-fd88-4372-a91b-9b12ea63360c.jpg

These birds are fully conscious, but no one in the death dealing industry cares that these chicks are struggling for a breath of fresh air.

 photo 584e1673-b46d-45c9-aff8-d4625239f382.jpg

The chicks gasp for air as they slowly die of suffocation.

 photo 1ce25974-e7cb-437a-ac69-22a91111c0a9.jpg

Other chicks, some deemed "surplus" and some suffering from injuries, are dumped in the same disposal bin as the egg shells. The more that human beings become detached from the disposal of any life, the more they justify the disposal of other life, even their own babies.

 photo fc74bb3e-18a8-4064-b610-434db8eb39f1.jpg

The unwanted chicks are disposed of like trash.

Turkey Unit

turkey unit1 photo turkey-unit-01.jpg

These young turkeys recently have been placed in a large building of a factory farm, called a unit. They have been raised in an incubator without any love or care from a mother.

turkey unit2 photo turkey-unit-02.jpg

At this young age, the turkeys appear to have plenty of room to move around, even if they can't go outside and enjoy God's creation. However, this extra space will soon disappear.

turkey unit3 photo turkey-unit-03.jpg

As these turkeys continue to grow, the free space begins to disappear; for these farmers put just enough turkeys in this building so that when they are fully grown, they are packed solid.

turkey unit4 photo turkey-unit-04.jpg

Although these turkeys are still very young, the building is already quite crowded. Think of how we would feel with this many people around us every moment of every day, and we may begin to feel what these turkeys are experiencing.

turkey unit5 photo turkey-unit-05.jpg

Up until this time, some people might say that these turkeys are being treated humanely; but intent is more telling than appearances. We believe a more accurate description is "delayed premeditated cruelty."

turkey unit6 photo turkey-unit-06.jpg

By this time, the young turkeys are so crowded together that they can't move around without rubbing against one another.

turkey unit7 photo turkey-unit-7.jpg

There is no family or community life for these turkeys who are crowded together in such factory "units" containing as many as 25,000 birds. There is only frustration! Think of how we would feel in such conditions, and we might come close to the reality of what these turkeys suffer every day of their lives.

turkey unit8 photo turkey-unit-8.jpg

The foreground turkeys in this photo have been illuminated by the flash on the camera. The remainder of the crowded "unit" is in near darkness to keep the turkeys from becoming too "aggressive" which is a direct result of these unnatural living conditions. If we lived in such conditions our frustration would most likely turn into aggression, too. The way these turkeys are being treated is piling one evil upon another. And every time we eat a turkey's flesh we contribute to this nightmare.

turkey unit9 photo turkey-unit-9.jpg

At least in this turkey warehouse unit there is some natural lighting, but the turkeys are allocated only three square feet of space each. This is quite small when we consider the large size of turkeys.

turkey unit10 photo turkey-unit-10.jpg

The turkeys in this house unit are packed together wall to wall. From looking at this picture, it is very likely that these living, feeling, and social beings have less than three square feet of space each. They are being deprived of their God-given right to enjoy life.

turkey badeye photo turkey-badeye.jpg

This photo shows how evil some human beings can be. A portion of the upper beak of this turkey was cut off with a red-hot knife as a way of curbing the turkey's aggressive tendencies. In the natural state, turkeys are never this aggressive. Humans make the turkeys aggressive and then debeak them to stop the aggression. Only humans can devise such evil! Furthermore, this turkey has suffered an eye injury or disease that has gone untreated. Think of how much it hurts when we get a little speck in our eye, and we might understand the degree of suffering that this turkey has been forced to endure day after day. Stop this cruelty! Stop eating turkeys!

turkey cruelty1 photo turkey-cruelty-1.jpg

This photo speaks for itself. We may be humans, but most of us are not humane if we allow such conditions to exist. Every time we eat or buy turkey flesh or by-products, we contribute to this horror.

turkey cruelty2 photo turkey-cruelty-2.jpg

Perhaps this turkey's death was a blessing, for her suffering is over, unlike the millions of other turkeys on factory farms who have to continue to suffer until they are killed in a slaughterhouse to satisfy human lust.

turkey cruelty3 photo turkey-cruelty-3.jpg

Farmed animals are considered commodities and not living and feeling beings with emotions and needs like ours. They only consider the economics of raising them for food: it is cheaper to allow this kind of pain, suffering and eventual death for a certain percentage of turkeys, than it is to provide proper medical care.

turkey cruelty4 photo turkey-cruelty-4.jpg

The living and the dead! Economically, a certain number are expendable! As long as we eat turkeys, this nightmare will continue. If these three animals were our companions, we would be terribly upset with the death of one of them; but because they are "food", we are indifferent to their death. This is insanity! Perhaps, we need to considered how similar a dog's hind leg feels compared to a turkey's thigh?

turkey cruelty5 photo turkey-cruelty-5.jpg

Think of how much pain we would be in if this much of our body was raw and bloody, then we should also understand how much pain this turkey is in. To allow this is inhuman. To do nothing about it is depraved. To buy and eat turkeys is to contribute to this continual atrocity.

turkey male photo turkey-male.jpg

This is a male breeding turkey. He's not very attractive with partially removed beak and disheveled feathers; but that doesn't matter with these farmed animals, because this guy will never come in contact with a female turkey. Instead, he is masturbated three times a week by a
human farm worker to collect his sperm which is used to artificially inseminate female turkeys in a process that is really rape. In our opinion, what humans do to these birds is an abomination before God, for in reality they are having a form of sexual relationship with the turkeys.

turkey transport photo turkey-trans.jpg

These are turkeys that have been "packed" into a shipping container for transport to a slaughterhouse. At no time in their miserable lives do these turkeys have a moment's peace. Why? In order to satisfy the human lust for cheap flesh.

turkey slaughter photo turkey-slaughter.jpg

These turkeys have just been unloaded from the transport containers and hung upside down in shackles on their way into the slaughterhouse. They are crying out in fear and pain as they await their own slaughter.

turkey end photo turkey-end.jpg

A turkey shackled upside down in a slaughterhouse. They are supposed to be stunned so that they feel no pain before their throats are cut; but from what we have come to understand, this is not always the case. More recent investigations have even come to the conclusion that only the muscles are paralyzed, leaving the turkeys fully conscious to pain.
These turkeys have just been unloaded from the transport containers and hung upside down in shackles on their way into the slaughterhouse. They are crying out in fear and pain as they await their own slaughter.

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