Monday, 25 August 2014

The Utvum

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The Utvum

Here's the true story of my Austrian friend,

Who rescued an utvum from a sure sticky end.

She heard him crying, when she entered the store.

And now he lay dying between the glass doors.

Busy shoppers walked past him, cold and uncaring.

So she had to help him, but people were staring.

"Don't squash him!" she cried, then she grabbed a man's arm,

As she desperately tried to save utvum from harm.

As she knelt down to peel him from the man's shoe,

The guards took a dim view of her daring rescue.

Then this kind defender of the weak and the small,

Was seized, and then roughly thrown out of the mall.

Old and unwashed, in second hand clothes,

She lay on the wet ground and swore at her foes:

"Every bad deed has a debt due to pay,

And you will be born as an utvum one day!"

© Martha Magenta 2014

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