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My Organic Garden in June

My Garden in June

I love to grow herbs and vegetables in my garden. I encourage others to do the same - it is healthy, and also it helps to break away from big agri-business. Increasingly, giant companies like Monsanto and Syngenta control us via food. As a consequence, the bees are dying, and we are becoming fat and unhealthy through a dependency on mass produced fake food.

Nasturtium photo Nasturtiumsclose.jpg


Feed the bees with flowers.

Nowadays I only buy heirloom seeds, that is, natural seeds that are not genetically modified, or FI hybrids. Heirloom seeds produce fertile seeds that you can keep to plant the following year, like these mangetout peas:

Mangetout photo Mangetout.jpg


Cucumber photo Cucumber.jpg


Pepper photo Peppers.jpg

Sweet Pepper

Courgette photo Courgette.jpg

Courgette (zucchini)

Butternut squash photo Butternutsquash.jpg

Butternut squash

Winter squash photo Wintersquash.jpg

Winter squash

Strawberries photo Strawberries.jpg


Romaine lettuce photo Romainelettue.jpg

Romaine lettuce

Purslane, rocket & cutting celery photo Purslanerocketampcuttingcelery.jpg

Purslane, rocket & cutting celery for salads

Tomatoes photo Toms.jpg


Cats under b.currants photo Catsbcurrants.jpg

Cats snuggling under the blackcurrants

I have many herbs, for cooking, healing, and for feeding the bees. The queen of all herbs in my garden is sage, and the bees love the flowers:

Sage photo Sage.jpg


Thyme, chives & oregano photo Thymeoreganoampchives.jpg

Thyme, chives & oregano

Rosemary photo Rosemary.jpg


Self heal photo Selfheal2.jpg


Lavender & bay photo Baylavender.jpg

Lavender & bay

Lady's mantle photo Ladysmantle.jpg

Lady's mantle

Herb Robert, valerian & blackcurrant sage photo HerbRobertvalerianbcurrantsage.jpg

Herb Robert, valerian & blackcurrant sage

Flat leafed parsley photo Flat-leafedparsley.jpg

Flat leafed parsley

Curly parsley photo Curlyparsely.jpg

Curly parsley

Coltsfoot photo Coltsfoot.jpg

Coltsfoot. (The pot contains campanula & forget-me-nots)

Borage photo Borage.jpg


Feverfew, lemon balm & vervain photo FeverfewLemonbalmampvervain.jpg

Feverfew, lemon balm & vervain

This lovely fern has grown in this dark, damp corner of its own accord. This is my feng shui health corner, so I take it as a good sign. But look back there at the rhubarb - it is spindly, which probably means it needs to be divided:

Fern & rhubarb photo Fernrhubarb.jpg

Always leave a wild bit at the bottom of the garden, so the fairies and foxes can visit you ;)

Fox photo Fox.jpg

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