Thursday, 12 September 2013

Caution To The Wind

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Caution To The Wind

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In my youth I met a man,

With a body lean and tanned.

He gave me love I needed long.

I felt that nothing could go wrong.

But he drank wine so he'd feel fine,

And never knew where to draw the line.

He got high on wine and cocaine,

Then he acted quite insane.

Boozing did that every time.

He got so drunk it was a crime.

He often caused a frightening scene,

Then became violent and mean.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained,

But some will leave you feeling drained.

With intention to debase,

He smacked me hard full on the face.

Too late, once the die was cast,

The void between us was too vast.

We should always read the signs.

The truth is found between the lines.

Don't be fooled by the body tanned.

Save yourself from rageful man.

Never throw caution to the wind,

Lest your lover's promises rescind.

© 2011 Martha Magenta

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